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Some conflicts require a neutral person to make a determination. Arbitration is a private, court-like, process. It allows all parties to be heard, and their arguments weighed, in a fair and impartial process, using procedural rules that make sense for the circumstances of the case. Usually this is far quicker than waiting for a court date.

Many types of commercial agreements have arbitration clauses in them, which means that even before a conflict has arisen, the parties have agreed to arbitration rather than proceeding through the courts. Even without this however, parties often chose arbitration because it is confidential and can be much quicker and less expensive than a trial before the courts.


Another service that we can offer is a combination of mediation and arbitration and is usually referred to as a “Med-Arb”. This involves the parties engaging in mediation, but, if after a certain point the parties are not close to a settlement, or the mediator concludes that continuing with mediation is not likely to produce a positive outcome, the process then shifts and becomes an arbitration. In complex matters, this can be particularly useful where the parties are able to agree on a number of matters, but one or more key areas of dispute remain unresolved.

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